Samsung DEX

Microsoft got at least one thing right with the slowly vanishing Windows 10 Mobile platform, making it easy for phones to turn into full-fledged computers by syncing to an external monitor via a Continuum-enabled Display Dock or Desk Dock.

Now Samsung is looking to do something similar, only with an Android handheld and what it calls the Samsung DeX Station. This is a teeny-tiny dock including a pair of USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet connectivity, USB Type-C for power supply, and even its very own cooling fan.

Samsung DEX Knox

To get Samsung DeX to work its magic, you just insert your Galaxy S8 into the Station, hook that up to any standard HDMI-compatible monitor, and add a Bluetooth, USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse for maximum productivity. Abracadabra, there’s your Android-based PC, letting you access the phone’s apps, edit documents, surf the web, watch videos, reply to messages and “more” on the big screen.

Aimed at “mobile workers” and business professionals always on the move, the DeX environment features a “completely redesigned” Android UI, optimized for keyboard and mouse use, Microsoft Office and select Adobe app compatibility, including Acrobat Reader Mobile and Lightroom Mobile.

Alas, there’s no official word on pricing, although in some regions, Samsung “may” offer the DeX Station as a special gift to early S8 and S8+ adopters. Better than free coupons and perhaps even Gear VR headsets, right?

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