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Complimentary Samsung DeX docks getting resold on Korean e-markets

By Jules Wang May 8, 2017, 7:11 pm
Samsung DEX Knox

The seat of the computing future is selling like hotcakes by people who don’t want it.

With select Galaxy S8+ pre-orders in South Korea, Samsung decided to bundle in a free Desktop Experience dock, a device that would enable users to dock their device and interface with apps on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse.

At least a thousand consumers haven’t taken to the idea as Aju Business Daily reports that online marketplace Joonggonara has seen at least a thousand DeX docks resold on the platform for about 40 percent of its original value. The dock, costing the equivalent of $175, was seen for as low as $71. As of this post, Joonggonara had more than 300 DeX-related entries.

That’s not to say that the DeX won’t find its niche case. But the typical consumer, with access to so many other options for portable computing, might not be the target Samsung wants. One Clien.net forum user said that they would opt for Windows-running stick PCs for a couple hundred dollars.

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