Samsung promptly detects and fixes ‘isolated’ Galaxy S7 Active production issue

People always wondered what was the point of a carrier-exclusive Active variation of the Samsung Galaxy S7 when the widely available standard and Edge models already resisted water immersion up to 1.5 meters and 30 minutes.

The answer was simple, having to do with those other certifications for transport and thermal shock protection, salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, and so on.

But if the Galaxy S7 Active isn’t as waterproof as its non-outdoors-friendly cousins, how can AT&T expect its subscribers to cough up $800 a pop? Luckily, Samsung is on the case, despite what that initial terse response to Consumer Reports tests suggested, quickly identifying and patching “an isolated issue to a production line that exclusively manufactures the Galaxy S7 Active.”

Oh, so there was something wrong with a few devices after all. No longer the case, the smartphone manufacturer assures, although folks who’ve already purchased the muscular 5.1-incher will not be offered replacements if no damage has occurred.

Apparently, Samsung doesn’t want people to “think there’s the necessity of returning their phone”, as the problem affected a “very, very small number of devices”, and warranty extensions aren’t considered either. Bottom line, if your handheld’s water shield is flawed, it’s up to you to find out during the first year of ownership.

Sources: ConsumerReports, CNet

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