While Samsung’s age-old flexible Youm smartphone display concept yielded several quirky consumer products in the Galaxy Round, Note Edge, then increasingly popular S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and S7 Edge, behind-the-scenes work continued on bringing even more curves and elasticity to tomorrow’s high-end mobile devices.

For a number of years now, we’ve been hearing of plans to turn the wild, futuristic idea of a fully bendable phone into reality soon, but every so often delays enter the equation as Samsung can’t manage to overcome mass-manufacturing, build quality and other obstacles regarding the pliability of components like batteries and touch panels.

The actual foldable OLED screens may well be ready for primetime, with one such prototype showcased yesterday at an event in San Francisco in a contained environment. But what good does that do when it lacks an equally flexible touch layer on top of it, not to mention other smartphone parts that need to twist and turn without breaking?

Besides, Samsung couldn’t answer the all-important question of its prototype’s resistance to rolls back and forth, and it obviously stayed mum on the matter of commercial availability.

For now therefore, we have a super-cool concept to stimulate our imagination and make us dream with our eyes open of a so-called Galaxy X capable of seamlessly switching from a traditional Full HD 5.7-incher to a… cylinder with a 10mm radius. Or, well, a lot thicker when you add in the rest of the components, but still malleable enough to curl up in a little ball impervious to drops.

Will Samsung finally make that happen in 2017, perhaps on a small, experimental scale? Don’t hold your breath.

Source: SlashGear

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