We love OLED displays because of their bright, high-contrast screens, but when it comes to really high pixel densities, we start seeing a lot of LCD panels, instead. Sure, plenty of OLEDs get pretty high up there, like the Galaxy Nexus at 316ppi, but as we start pushing much past that point, it seems like everything’s an LCD. Some new components from Samsung may be about to give OLEDs the densities they need to make some really sharp, really impressive screens, with pixel counts up in the 350ppi range.

Samsung has reportedly manged this feat thanks to Fine Metal Mask technology. Reportedly FMM is something Samsung can integrate into its existing OLED production lines without too much hassle, making us hopeful that we’ll see displays utilizing the tech start making their way to commercial hardware without an extended wait. Being able to shoehorn FMM into its current systems in this way may also mean these new screens would arrive without being overly expensive.

For comparison’s sake, a 4.2-inch 720p screen would have a pixel density of very nearly 350ppi.

Source: ET News (Google Translate)
Via: BGR

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