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Samsung could start selling its Ultra Thin Glass to other companies soon

By Samuel Martinez February 19, 2020, 11:00 pm

Maybe the most significant improvement from the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Z Flip was the new Ultra Thin Glass in the display. Now, this new display could start being commercialized, meaning we could begin to find this same display in foldable devices from other companies.

Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass may not be as durable as real glass, but at least it has made the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip the most durable foldable phone available. This new technology will be widely available for other companies to use in their foldable devices. Samsung stated in a press release that it’s “tough, yet tender” Ultra-Thin Glass is “produced using an intensifying process to enhance its flexibility and durability.” And it also expects other companies to use its technology soon.

According to a report from Yonhap News, Samsung is working with Dowoo Insys Co to commercialize the product. These companies have worked together since 2013. They have also trademarked the Ultra Thin Glass name in 38 countries, and that trademark also applies to the outer polymer layer of the displays. The next companies that may start including these displays in their phones may be TCL and Motorola, plus more in the not so distant future.

This material is just a fraction of the thickness of traditional glass, and it’s also supposed to give us better durability when compared to plastic since it also includes a polymer layer to help protect it. Just don’t use sharp objects or your fingernails to operate it, or you will surely regret it.

Source 9to5Google

Via Yonhap News

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