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Samsung could provide three years of Android updates to certain Galaxy A-series devices

By Prakhar Khanna August 14, 2020, 2:29 am

Samsung has held a bad track record when it comes to pushing out major Android updates. It is known for abandoning its flagship models within two years. However, at the launch of Galaxy Note20 series, the company announced that it will be providing three generations of Android updates to the lineup. Now, it looks like it is planning to do the same with certain Galaxy A-series models.

The latest development comes from a customer service executive. When a person asked whether their Galaxy A90 will get three Android updates, the executive replied that high-end Galaxy A-series of phones and tablet products released after Galaxy S10 series are under additional review. He added that Samsung will announce the OS upgrade policies for these devices after checking hardware specifications and resources. 

Hence, it looks like high-end Galaxy A-series devices launched after Galaxy S10 will be eligible to receive Android updates for three years. If it happens, Samsung is likely to gain consumers’ trust.

Via: TizenHelp

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