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Samsung continues to bring flagship features to its affordable smartphones

By Roland Udvarlaki September 6, 2021, 8:03 am
Samsung Galaxy A52s featured

Many mid-range devices come equipped with flagship-grade camera hardware quality, and often they also include some flagship-worthy software, although that is still most often only included in the upper range, or special lineups. A new report now claims that Samsung may be bringing even more flagship features to its more affordable lineup, which could help the company gain an even larger market share.

According to TheElec, Samsung is working to bring OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to all of its A-series devices, which are expected to launch next year. OIS has mainly been limited to the high-end, expensive, flagship Galaxy S and Note series until now.


Currently, we only know about Samsung wanting to do this, and this could very well affect other devices from other manufacturers, bringing OIS to cheaper, and more affordable smartphones on the market. The new OIS would likely only be included for the primary sensor, but it would still be a lot better than using EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization, which helps to make shoots look smoother, it can only do so much with the help of software. If Samsung manages to apply the OIS technology to most, if not all of its A-series smartphones, it could change the entire industry and the way we think about flagship devices and flagship features.

What is OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)?

It’s a small mechanical solution that uses motors to neutralize camera sensor movements. There are multiple sensors that can detect movements, and counteract, move accordingly to ensure the photo remains still, or the video remains smooth without it being too shaky.

OIS however can also help to reduce the blur from an image, and it’s especially helpful when there is very little light.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) is often used alongside OIS, although more affordable phones always only come with EIS. This is a software-based solution, similar to OIS. It’s usually less effective and doesn’t provide the same smooth effects that actual hardware can do.


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