Now it’s Samsung’s time to shine at the CES, and like LG and AT&T before it, it’s very focused on connected devices and the interactions between them. Samsung got started with its new TVs, and its S-Recommendation system for streaming content.

The idea is that S-Recommendation connects to your smartphone, tablet, and PC, and pulls all the content stored on those devices together for you to enjoy in one place.

But enough about connected appliances – we’re here for the smartphones and tablets. First up down that alley, Samsung announced that an LTE-enabled Galaxy Note 10.1 is coming to Verizon. The carrier should begin offering the tablet before the end of January.

Samsung veered away from tablets for a few moments, highlighting some of its new notebook PCs, but then changed course again to discuss computer monitors.

Unfortunately (though not really unexpectedly), that was it for mobile Samsung electronics. Maybe we’ll get a better spread at the MWC, though it’s looking more likely Samsung could be keeping all the good stuff for its own Unlocked events.

Source: Engadget

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