Samsung focuses on VR and AR innovation with four new C-Lab projects for MWC 2017

Does everything have to be about the upcoming Mobile World Congress right now, and all the exciting (as well as the less exciting) new products ready to be unveiled and showcased in Barcelona over the next week or so? Well, not necessarily, but we can’t just ignore Samsung’s latest batch of forward-thinking Creative Lab concepts either.

Following in the footsteps of such imaginative, eccentric and outright bizarre ideas as the Welt smart healthcare belt, Prinker human skin printer or Lumini skin problem spotter, these four new C-Lab projects aim to deliver a “broad spectrum of experiences via Virtual and Augmented Reality”… eventually… maybe… hopefully.

Relúmĭno arguably leads the pack in terms of life-changing potential, working as a “smart visual aid for the visually impaired.” This is basically a mobile app for the Gear VR headset that could one day enable its less-fortunate users to read books and watch TV with “new levels of clarity.”

Meanwhile, Monitorless hopes to do precisely what its name suggests, playing wire-free content from smartphones or PCs without the need of an external screen. Simply put on the “regular” sunglasses-resembling spectacles, connect them to a source via Wi-Fi, and easily switch between AR and VR functionality.

As for VuildUs and traVRer (horrible names, by the way), we have to stress these aren’t exactly unique concepts. But their success mainly hinges on execution and timing, with the prospect of seeing what new furniture would look like and whether it would fit in a room before buying it, and experiencing “realistic virtual travel before and after a real-life trip” respectively, definitely sounding fascinating in theory.

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