Corning has been famous for giving us durable glass displays on smartphones since the original iPhone, which is even before they came-up with the name Gorilla Glass. Today, we’re already enjoying the benefits of Gorilla Glass 3, and its popularity has ensured their technology is now on top of almost every single display we use every day, and its grown beyond the smartphone into tablets, and even the design elements of certain HP computers that were launched recently.

Just as Samsung pretty-much bought Wacom a couple of years ago to ensure their dominance in the technology that powers the Galaxy Note, the company has now also decided to invest in Corning. In a joint deal that involves Corning taking over certain LCD-Display businesses that Samsung had, Samsung now owns 7.4% of the Gorilla Glass maker, and we assume they are doing so to ensure the incredible supply demand that they have to deal with as their smartphones and tablets keep gaining additional market share. Samsung has signed a deal with Corning that ensures supplies all the way to the year 2023, so there’s definitely a large possibility that unless somebody else figures out a smarter way to protect your display, you’ll be rocking Gorilla Glass 13 on your Samsung Galaxy S 15, and yeah, imagine those numbers ten years from now.

So now that Samsung owns the technology behind AMOLED displays, LCD displays, the glass that protects them, the silicone chips that power the smartphones that use them as well, you’d wonder what Samsung won’t own or control from the supply chain in the next five years.

Via: Engadget

Source: Corning

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