Samsung is bringing these flagship features to budget models

We’ve talked about how Samsung is bringing flagship features to a more affordable price point when we discussed the company’s success in India. The Galaxy J phones bring characteristics like the Infinity Display, dual-cameras, and facial unlock, to an affordable price-point. Looks like this is the strategy for Samsung, at least for now, as a recent report claims that next year’s Galaxy A phones will get even more flagship features.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to have an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, and today’s Korean report claims that the Galaxy A from next year won’t lag behind. Bringing on-screen fingerprint scanning and a triple-lens camera to the budget segment will ensure Samsung is managing to sell volumes, which could eventually counter poorer flagship sales, if they ever happen. Such a move would also allow the chaebol to consolidate its position on some markets, and to conquer as well as rule others.

While it might not be the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner behind the glass, like on the upcoming Galaxy S10, the Galaxy A from 2019 will feature an optical sensor. Opposed to ultrasonic ones, which are capable of sensing heart-rate and blood pressure, optical sensors are limited in recognizing fingerprints. Still, it’s a high-tech feature to have on a budget device.

The triple-lens camera is rumored to include a super-wide angle lens which would make landscape and group photography more attractive for those purchasing some budget devices.

Unnamed sources claim “Samsung is likely to be renewing its budget phone push amid lukewarm sales of its flagship premium phones“. Same sources also claim that Samsung will shift towards Chinese manufacturer for some of the components in order to keep the prices as low as possible.

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