Samsung Brands ‘Orion’ Codenamed Processor As ‘Exynos’

We’ve heard about Samsung’s Orion dual-core processors since last year as they would replace the already popular Hummingbird CPUs but it looks like “Orion” was just a codename as the manufacturer is now officially (re)branding it.

Designed to power mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the new processor will be called “Exynos”. “We are excited to introduce the brand name of Exynos for Samsung’s application processor family. As consumers demand more from their mobile products, Samsung’s Exynos chips will be the power inside enabling the coolest HD multi-media features with even longer battery life”, said Seh-Woong Jeong, executive vice president of marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics.

The Exynos represents Samsung’s “smart and green” strategy where “smart” stands for high performance and “green” for low power consumption. Etymologically, “Exynos” originates from the Greek words smart (exypnos) and green (prasinos). Production for the Exynos 1GHz dual-core processor will start next month.

Source: Samsung

Via: AndroidAndMe

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