Back in the second half of 2013, months after the introduction of the the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones, BlackBerry the company wasn’t looking too hot. BB10 was failing to really take off the way the manufacturer might have hoped, and rumors circled around the idea of a big corporate buyout to put the company under new ownership. Ultimately that failed to happen, and instead we got a new CEO and a renewed commitment to developing new smartphones. And while BlackBerry’s continued on, it just can’t shake this characterization that’s followed it of a beleaguered company on the verge of being sold. Such rumors are back in full force this week, as a new report claims that Samsung’s interested in buying BlackBerry.

Supposedly, Samsung has its eye on BlackBerry’s patents, and if that means buying the whole company to get at them, Samsung might be willing to pay as much as $7.5 billion for the lot – a sizable increase over the $4.7B we heard was on the table back in 2013.

The idea of interest from Samsung isn’t completely out of the blue, as more than just smartphone hardware, the two firms share interests in mobile enterprise services and security – BlackBerry with BES, and Samsung with Knox.

So is this going to happen? BlackBerry seems to emphatically deny the report, saying that it “has not engaged in discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry.” Of course, in its next breath the company mentions how its policy “is not to comment on rumors or speculation,” leaving us a little unsure what to think – despite the wording of its statement, is this more a “no,” a “not that we’re announcing right now,” or a “no comment?” For now, this is just the latest in a long history of BlackBerry buyout rumors.

Source: Reuters, BlackBerry
Via: BGR

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