Samsung Bixby overview

Samsung only had one more day to wait before it could have pompously expanded Bixby voice capabilities “globally” together with the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8 announcement in New York.

But even though it took the digital assistant several months to learn English (not counting all the R&D work carried out ahead of the Galaxy S8’s launch), its long overdue spread to “more than 200 countries and territories worldwide” needed to happen today.

That’s probably because the voice-powered AI’s rollout outside Korea and the US is nowhere near as impressive as it sounds. GS8 and S8+ owners in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, as well as across many regions with a wide range of mother tongues, are merely offered the chance to interact with the virtual assistant in English.

“Not all accents, dialects and expressions” are recognized either, as Samsung is quick to point out in a clear attempt at preemptively excusing any misunderstandings or glitches you may run into.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on exactly what’s next for Bixby, where and especially when, though if it makes you feel marginally better, the plan is to “continue expanding voice capabilities to additional countries, languages, devices, features and third-party applications”… eventually.

Back in the day, German seemed like a strong candidate for the third or fourth language supported, alongside Chinese of course, which sadly requires not just a substantial amount of extra work gathering and processing linguistic information, but also government approval to store said data on foreign soil.

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