Samsung has Bixby smart speaker in the works, but the AI’s English voice progress is still slow

So-called “smart speakers” could become as ubiquitous as smartphones or at least smartwatches or tablets before long, with the Amazon Echo largely responsible for inspiring a trend that Google, Apple, Lenovo, Essential, Harman Kardon and HP have already adhered to in the past year alone.

Next up, Samsung and even Alibaba may try to take control of your smart home, with the former obviously looking to expand the reach of its recently unveiled virtual assistant.

Unfortunately, Bixby is only living up to the hype for Galaxy S8 users in Korea at the moment, as English voice support still needs a little while to iron out beta kinks and overcome “the lack of the accumulation of big data.”

Basically, Samsung doesn’t yet have the resources and “deep learning” technology required to make its home-brewed AI as knowledgeable as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Furthermore, geographical and language barriers continue to slow down the progress of “many engineers in the US”, who have to frequently report to Korea-located management.

Bottom line, although the optimistic forecast would see the full US rollout take place sometime “in the second half of July”, additional delays until fall “at the latest” are also possible.

That probably means the Bixby-powered smart speaker project codenamed Vega, according to The Wall Street Journal, may not bear fruit by the end of 2017, leaving Samsung at a major timing disadvantage compared to not just Amazon or Google, but Apple as well. And no, we don’t know anything about specifications and features right now. Only that it’s coming… someday. Perhaps alongside the Galaxy S9 next spring.

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