Samsung pretty much (re)confirms Bixby name, Galaxy S8 also expected to ‘partly’ use 3D Touch tech

While we don’t believe Samsung will be allowed to adopt Force Touch or 3D Touch branding for an Apple-equivalent pressure-sensitive display technology of sorts, credible “industry sources” finally offer some deets on how the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 aim to challenge existing and future iPhones from this particular standpoint.

As it turns out, this month’s “next big thing” should “partly” integrate a 3D Touch copycat into its “virtual home button”, letting users access various menus and “navigate the phone” in different ways, depending on how forceful and lengthy their presses are.

Down the line, the goal is to bring flagship Galaxy models completely on-par with that prospectively game-changing iPhone 8 by making the Note 8 “embrace the pressure-sensitive touch technology on the entire screen.”

Ironically, Samsung is expected to be in charge of its arch-rival’s next 3D Touch implementation as well, reportedly supplying every single OLED display and “ramping up efforts” to make them sense varying levels of pressure.

Oddly enough, the name Synaptics doesn’t come up once in today’s speculative report, so the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 could end up using an in-house solution also different from the 2015-unveiled ClearForce.

In other news, Samsung Italy may have just randomly revealed a pivotal Bixby feature. In addition to mentioning the S Voice-based digital assistant by name, corroborating all those rumors and even a similar past official reference, the company’s local privacy webpage puts Bixby’s system-wide integration in black and white. Thus, we’re told the AI will be able to take voice commands for all operations normally controlled with the touch interface. Possibly, on more than just the Galaxy S8. Intriguing!

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