Samsung has Q4 2017 expansion plans for Bixby’s ‘full functionality’ in Germany

Back in the day rumored to support as many as seven or eight languages straight off the bat, Samsung’s new “intelligent interface” will only work in English and Korean at launch on the Galaxy S8. But much like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant, Bixby should gradually expand its “full functionality” to include voice interactions and Vision shopping for native speakers of several other languages.

It’s obviously far too early to get any semblance of a precise, complete timetable from official sources, although one country’s availability may have been randomly revealed on Samsung’s local support website already.

Apparently, all Bixby features are headed for Germany no later than the fourth quarter of 2017, which isn’t an extremely specific deadline, but it’s better than nothing. The question is will German be added to the official language list just on the S8’s “agent”, or might the Galaxy Note 8 also get it between October and December?

More importantly, is Q4 the ETA for other regions and languages as well? Perhaps a bunch of key markets around the old continent, maybe even Japan, India and China? There’s absolutely no way to answer any of those questions without speculating groundlessly, so let’s just be happy one additional country and language are confirmed to gain “full” Bixby functionality… eventually.

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