Take that, Google Assistant: Samsung’s Bixby AI rumored to support 7 or 8 languages on Galaxy S8

Now that the Galaxy S8 is an open book, buttons, sensors, dimensions, RAM options, pricing and all, it’s time to revisit possibly Samsung’s number one flagship phone selling point this year. We’re talking about the Google Assistant-contending Bixby AI, expected to include advanced support for everything from payments to visual searches.

What nobody dared to speculate until today was the number of supported languages at launch, which might be greater than you think. Namely, seven or eight, according to a typically credible news organization in Samsung’s homeland, including Korean, English and Chinese.

No wonder Google’s in-house digital assistant was rejected by the world’s top-selling smartphone vendor, only working in English, German, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese for Allo users, English and German on Pixel phones, and English exclusively for Google Home owners.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been able to “optimize” Cortana for native speakers of eight languages across 13 regions… in almost three years, with Apple looking mighty hard to challenge when it comes to Siri’s linguistic abilities, covering dozens and dozens of countries, from Austria to Brazil, China, France, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Turkey.

Still, if this prediction proves accurate, and the support is as extensive as they say, as well as reliable and methodical, Bixby could get off to a tremendous start on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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