Samsung exec ‘thinks’ a bendable phone is ‘around the corner’ – 2016 launch still possible?

The convoluted matter of when Samsung intends to bring the first fully flexible smartphone to market appeared settled a few days ago, with an extremely reputable source claiming not one, but two such bendy devices would debut early next year.

While Samsung has been working on foldable screen technology for roughly a decade, it’s still not sure it’ll be able to precede rivals LG, OPPO and Lenovo to stores, which is why Gregory Lee just came out to reveal and remind the world that Project Valley will spawn a functional prototype extremely soon.

As in, possibly by the end of this year, as the company’s President and CEO of North American operations “thinks” the product is “relatively right around the corner.” That’s certainly vague and confusing, though a fall launch makes more sense than a spring one given we’re likely talking a limited test run here.

Historically speaking, it’d be logical too, as the curved display-sporting Galaxy Round and Note Edge saw daylight in October 2013 and September 2014 respectively, paving the way for the March 2015 announcement of the S6 Edge. This is something else entirely, and Lee blames the many bendable phone delays on difficulties to “manufacture at a reasonable cost.”

Source: Recode

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