Samsung Beam Not Getting Froyo, Discontinued Altogether?

We were beyond excited when the Samsung Beam — a 720MHz-powered Android 2.1 handset with eight-megapixel camera and integrated pico projector — was introduced back in February at the Mobile World Congress as the Samsung Halo. Well now reports out of Asia are hinting that not only may current units not receive an update to Android 2.2 Froyo (sales have been limited to Singapore, apparently), the model itself may have been discontinued altogether.

Even Samsung representatives don’t seem to know exactly what’s going on; in a statement to news site Samsung Hub, the company reportedly stated that “We believe they’ve sold out on the Galaxy BEAM… perhaps they are not placing further orders at this point.” That would be a real shame for a handset with so much potential, even if its processor isn’t the fastest on the block at this point. Unfortunately it seems that, for the foreseeable future at least, those consumers wanting a one piece phone/projector solution will have to shell out for an aging LG eXpo and its bulky snap-on projector.

(via: phoneArena and Samsung Hub)

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