Samsung ATIV S vs Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)

Samsung’s ATIV S might be late to the party, but the festivities are still in full swing in the Windows Phone 8 world as we close out the year. Since receiving our review unit, we’ve given you an unboxing and hardware tour, compared it to the Lumia 920, given it the full review treatment, and talked it to pieces on today’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly. Now it’s time to put it up against its Android-powered predecessor, its spiritual sibling, the Galaxy S III.

Normally our comparison videos focus on specs, app launch times, benchmarks, and so forth. With a video like this, though, that’s impractical. The platform differences between Android and Windows Phone are extreme, and if you’re a prospective buyer, you’ve already given thought to which ecosystem you’re committing to.

That said, there are significant hardware similarities between these smartphones, so many that the ATIV S’s unofficial nickname around these parts is “the Galaxy S III with Windows Phone” (creative, I know). So, for those buyers still vaccillating between Microsoft and Google, or those just curious about how different or alike these devices actually are, click the video below to get a little nerdy with us. In this “just for fun” comparison, we quickly pit the ATIV S against the Galaxy S III in three areas: build, display, and camera. (Spoiler alert: these phones are a lot alike!)

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