Samsung’s ATIV SE on Verizon just went official, but in kind of an underwhelming sort of way. The phone’s been hanging around as the stuff of rumors since late last year, and though it’s now confirmed and up for pre-order, the launch has been seriously low key: Verizon sent out a single tweet, and Samsung’s mobile press page have been entirely silent on the ATIV SE. While that may make the phone an underdog right out of the gate, we might not necessarily want to read that as Samsung having low interest in Windows Phone, hearing now about possible plans for a WP8.1 handset.

In contrast to the five-inch 1080p GS4-esque ATIV SE, this next Samsung Windows Phone model could be much more a mid-ranger. Reportedly, Samsung has been putting together a model going by the name ATIV Core, which would offer a 4.5-inch 720p screen, go with just 1GB of RAM, and would have a 2100mAh battery, down from the ATIV SE’s 2600mAh. Camera resolution is still up in the air, with both 8MP and 13MP mentioned as possibilities.

We don’t have a great sense just yet about what Samsung’s launch plans for the ATIV Core might be. There’s talk of the model debuting as part of this first wave of WP8.1 hardware coming out in May and June, but that may just be speculation at this point – and certainly, the ATIV SE was rumored for a very long time before it finally arrived, so maybe in that light the Core could be in for a similarly lengthy wait. For the moment, at least, the ATIV Core’s story is still very new, and hopefully we’ll soon be able to start putting together a better picture of just what Samsung may be up to here.

Source: SamMobile
Via: WPCentral

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