Everyone from Samsung to Apple and Google seems to think augmented reality is “the next big thing”, but until this technology of the future can mature enough to fully immerse you in a virtual universe, you’re left occasionally fooling around with fun and silly AR Emoji or Animoji characters.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are made marginally better by their ability to create an animated version of the user “showing off your inner you.” You can express a wide range of emotions in  your written conversations with not just characters like Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the entire cast of the upcoming Incredibles 2 movie, but also 18 automatically created stickers.

Make that 36 now, and a grand total of 54 “in the coming months”, as Samsung continues to expand AR Emoji’s library of pre-set expressions, looking pretty serious about turning this feature into a convenient messaging tool.

All you have to do to access the 18 new animated stickers is update your S9 or S9+’s native camera app from the “My apps” section of the Galaxy Apps store. Once that’s done, your keyboard will help you easily “sum up your style” in a way words simply cannot do. Or you can copy and paste your favorite of all the 36 available AR Emoji stickers from the Gallery app into your messaging platform of choice.

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