Apple filed suit against Samsung back in 2011, claiming that 25 products from the Korean OEM infringed patents it owned. Counterclaims were filed. Suits were thrown all across the map from Korea to Japan to Australia. Battles were won and lost on both sides. Both sides appeared to have some crack lawyers. It wasn’t before August 2012 that the root case in all of this mess, dubbed “Apple I,” was sorted out with a $930 million award to the Cupertino tech company. Samsung appealed a part of the ruling this year that related to $400 million of the total damages. Today, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals threw out that appeal.

Tech firm giants Google and Facebook among others supported Samsung’s request for a new hearing. Now that that’s done with, Samsung can either pay up or go nuclear and ask the Supreme Court to review the case. Apple also has the option to file for a retrial concerning $370 million of previously rejected damages.

Samsung’s also appealing the verdict of a second Apple-filed patent suit on more recent products. That case has yet to be handled by the federal appeals court.

The chaebol is in a bit of a financial bind right now, so every won it can save from directly slipping into a competitor’s hands helps.

Source: San Jose Mercury News
Via: 9to5Mac

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