Samsung’s anti-Apple marketing campaign continues with two new ads

30 seconds of catchy music, a quick demonstration of a feature loaded on Samsung handhelds but not their arch-rivals, and a wild cameo appearance by an iPhone unable to perform a certain task. If the formula worked for wireless charging, why wouldn’t it also help promote the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 in relation to Samsung Pay?

Well, it does, though the latest anti-Apple commercial may prove slightly less effective than the previous two. For one thing, you’ve likely started to grow tired of these constant jabs, be them subtler and more elegant than in years past.

Second, and most important, iFans will probably defend Apple Pay by bringing up the blazing fast adoption rate of the Cupertino-conceived mobile payment service. At worst, they’ll concede a draw, unlike on the wireless charging front, where they had no counter-attack claims.

Meanwhile, a separate YouTube ad highlights the dual-edge display of the S6 Edge and Edge+, backed by the same brilliant “It’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy slogan”, but this time, ditching the derogatory iPhone sighting, and thus coming off more graceful and assertive of its strengths.

Too bad such subdued, straightforward, non-mocking type of marketing doesn’t sell as well as the other kind, even when accompanied by stunning imagery of a caterpillar metaphorically transforming into a butterfly on curved Samsung smartphones.

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