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Samsung announces new MicroLED TVs, Neo QLED, and The Frame ahead of CES 2021

By Prakhar Khanna January 6, 2021, 11:01 am
Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung introduced the MicroLED tech in 2018 with its “The Wall.” Now, it is expanding the offering by making MicroLED technology available in a traditional TV form factor. It has also announced Neo QLED and The Frame TVs at CES 2021.

The MicroLED TV delivers the benefits of individually controlled pixels, a 20-bit Active Matrix glass backplane. It comes with a 99.99% screen to body ratio. The device will be available in 110”,  99”, and 88” sizes. Moreover, every screen can become 4 screens thanks to Multi View. You can watch 4 different content sources at the same time—now a 110” screen can become four 55” sized split screens. With Samsung’s ambient mode, the new MicroLED screens can even blend in with their surroundings when the display is not in use.


Coming to the Neo QLED, it upgrades the viewing experience by utilizing an all-new light source technology. With smaller LED lights, more lights can be packed in the same space. Unlike other LED backlights, the Q900 eliminates lenses that capture and transmit light from the backlight. Instead,  each compact LED chip is designed to emit light on its own. Brightness is more finely controlled as well. The new Quantum Processor comes with AI to optimize 8K picture and industry-first Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling and make sound correspond to onscreen movement with Virtual Object Tracking Sound. It measures just 0.9mm thin.


As for The Frame, its 2021 is just 24.9 mm thick, making it thinner than ever. For the first time, with the 43” model, you can rotate the orientation to either landscape or portrait. The AI can recommend artwork from 1,400 works available with a paid subscription to Samsung’s Art Store. Finally, with new accessory bezel options— including a wide variety of offerings by third-party companies—you can frame The Frame. There are more bezel choices, from slim, neutral, and minimalist to big, ornate, and bold.

Samsung has announced several new features for its TV lineup:

Google Duo / Screen Mirroring: With Google Duo, you can use your phone to initiate a video call that up to 12 people can join—no matter which operating system they’re using. Just tap Duo to start a video call and enjoy FHD quality. And now, with screen mirroring, you can make video calls  with Google Duo directly through your TV’s optional camera. 

Remote Access Plus: Remote Access on Samsung devices allows you to connect various devices to Smart  TVs—so you can surf the web or play games from your TV screen with a connected mouse, keyboard, and  PC. And when you need to get some work done, you can also directly access MS Office 365 through the TV’s web browser. Now, you can simply install an app on your computer and log into your Samsung Account—and your TV will automatically connect. 

Multi-View: Samsung Multi-View is a platform built into all Samsung QLED TVs. With Multi-View, you can enjoy all your favorite content—all at once—on your TV, from cable channels to streaming platforms to  apps to gaming consoles to content from your wireless devices. It is cost-free.

Samsung Health Smart Trainer: It lets you turn your home TV into a personalized gym experience. The Smart Trainer displays an AI trainer on the left screen, and an image of  yourself on the right screen, allowing you to check your posture, count your reps, and receive real-time  feedback on how you’re doing—just as if you were at an in-person workout class. The AI trainer even remembers how you like to exercise, from workout type to intensity. Moreover, you’ll get feedback on your  calories burned and other metrics, so you can keep track of your fitness journey.

And with a new auto-sync feature that links select Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy phones, and Galaxy watches, you can pick a  workout on your phone and cast it to your TV, while your watch automatically tracks your progress— without touching a button.

Samsung is also including a new remote with 2021 QLED 4K and 8K TVs. These remotes are claimed to have been designed to reduce waste. They feature an energy-efficient  circuit design and solar cells that recharge its batteries and can be used for up to two years.


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