Samsung leaked document provides Android 4.4.3 update timeframe for Galaxy S5 and S4

Samsung hasn’t always been the best with Android updates on its devices, especially considering the sheer number of phones and tablets it manufactures on a yearly basis. The wait’s always been the most minimal on flagship devices, however, and it seems that the Galaxy S5 (and last year’s Galaxy S4) are slated to receive Android 4.4.3 quite soon.

According to a leaked Samsung internal document obtained by Android Geeks, updates for the S5 are finalized, and ready to start heading out in June. The first devices to receive the update will almost certainly be unlocked and global models, with carrier-specific variants following shortly afterward.

As for last year’s Galaxy S4, the update (firmware revision I9506XXUQDNE4) is in “Final Testing” and slated to start heading out to in-the-wild devices starting this July. The same carrier caveat applies, and given the lessened priority of the S4 as opposed to the S5, it wouldn’t be surprising to us if US carriers held off on the update until August.

There’s still no word on the Galaxy Note 3, a phone (phablet?) that’s many months newer than the S4, and other high-end Samsung handsets.
samsung android 4.4.3 updates galaxy s5 and galaxy s 4 s4Source: Android Geeks

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