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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (Image only for representation)

Looks like the smartwatch wars will be hotter in 2021. After bringing blood oxygen saturation, ECG, and blood pressure measurement to their smartwatches, Apple and Samsung have reportedly set their sights on another impressive feature for their upcoming smartwatches – blood sugar (or glucose) level measurement.

As per a report by ETNews, Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch – tentatively called Galaxy Watch 4 – will employ a non-invasive technology for taking blood sugar (or glucose) level measurements. The company will rely on an optical sensor for doing so. While the exact technology is yet to be detailed, Samsung researchers showcased a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technique in collaboration with experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) back in January last year.

Samsung revealed its work with non-invasive blood glucose monitoring a year ago

Samsung’s research team relied on a technology called Raman Spectroscopy that uses lasers to identify the chemical composition of blood. The team managed to deliver the highest accuracy rate for blood glucose level monitoring using a non-invasive technology by modifying the Raman Spectroscopy method. As per the ETNews report, Samsung is going to launch three smartwatches in 2021, and they will likely come with the new blood glucose level measurement capability.

But Samsung won’t be alone to offer this extremely helpful technology on its wearable devices. Apple will reportedly use the same technology to offer this capability on its upcoming smartwatch, tentatively called Apple Watch Series 7. Apple has reportedly gone through patent hurdles and is currently testing the accuracy and efficiency of blood glucose monitoring on a smartwatch.

CES 2021 gave us a glimpse of blood glucose monitoring on wearables

We already have seen this capability earlier this year at CES 2021. Japanese company Quantum Operation showcased what it claims to be the world’s first non-invasive monitor capable of continuously measuring blood glucose levels when worn around the wrist. Quantum Operation’s solution employs its patented spectrum sensing technology for bringing the feature to life. You can see a demo of Quantum Operation’s wearable glucometer device in action here:

The technology is extremely promising and can prove to be a life-saving addition to smartwatches, just like ECG measurement on smartwatches has often turned out to be a feature that has saved many lives in well-documented reports. However, both the companies will first have to get it approved by regulatory authorities in the regions where they plan to market the new capability on their respective smartwatches.

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