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Samsung AMOLED featured in Google Pixel XL teardown

By Jules Wang October 22, 2016, 12:26 am

That’s a very nice display you got there, HTC. Or Google. Whoever. It would be a shame, though, if someone… tore it down.

Well, some people did and they happen to be part of an outlet called iFixit. And with a focus on seeing if something can be repaired easily or not, the crew there decided to see if in case you’d like to fix your Google Pixel XL yourself that you’d be able to do it easily and/or fairly successfully.

“We like to say that we break things so you don’t have to,” iFixit said.

Some of our big takeaways of this teardown? Well…

  • The quad HD AMOLED display, the UFS 2.0 memory and the LPDDR4 RAM was apparently sourced from Samsung.
  • There’s a row of easily removable components at the top of the smartphone’s front — a board for a microphone and ambient light sensor, the selfie camera and a headphone jack.
  • We find an audio amp sourced from NXP (the TFA9891, if you’re curious).
  • The Pixel lacks much indication of HTC’s manufacturing design language, besides the fact that it made the 13.28Wh battery for the phone.
  • The phone is held together by one type of screw (good thing), but also press-fit notches (bad). The screen’s also easy to break during the pry-off process.

The repairability score? Better than average with a six out of ten. But we’d like to know what’s up with the 5-incher Pixel.

Source: iFixit
Via: GSMArena


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