Even though we all anticipated the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, we can’t deny that the amount of hiccups in the live stream were annoying. Some of us spent minutes refreshing browsers, Apple TVs, iPads and iPhones trying to find a stream that wouldn’t crash, something you wouldn’t expect from a technology company. The announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch have also left the industry quite polarized, and you bet that the competition is doing something about it.

Samsung’s new ad campaign is titled “It doesn’t take a genius,” and the six ads that we’ve seen so far are focused on mocking Apple’s terrible live stream, the late arrival of a bigger screen for the iPhone, the lack of multi window on the iPhone 6 Plus, the battery, and other things. The ads mimic some Apple Genius Bar employees discovering Apple’s new products and mocking them, and then promoting these features on the Galaxy Note 4. In a way, it’s hard to not agree with Samsung’s campaign given Apple’s reluctance to take the plunge in these new markets.

Even today when we do see Apple doing so, we still can’t find ways in which Apple improves upon what already exists in the market. Obviously we’re just talking here and we won’t know for sure until we review these phones. For now, have a little laugh and watch the ads.

Via: iClarified

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