Samsung continues acquisition spree with RCS company NewNet Communication

Always focused on identifying, developing and refining the tech industry’s “next big thing” before everyone else, even immediately after losing billions of dollars on its worst PR scandal yet, Samsung has recently announced it’s buying Viv Labs and Harman International Industries.

The two new high-profile daughter companies should help the Galaxy S8 better integrate voice assistance functionality to keep Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant-powered phones at bay, as well as bolster the chaebol’s presence in the increasingly competitive connected car market.

But Samsung remains committed to a silent mission of taking over every little piece of the digital world, also enriching its vast portfolio of subsidiaries with online advertising technology firm AdGear, public and private cloud specialist Joyent and luxury appliance brand Dacor earlier this year, plus NewNet Communication Technologies today.

NewNet is probably a name mobile consumers aren’t very familiar with, dealing mainly in the RCS (Rich Communications Services) business. A “leading provider” of such infrastructure and services, the small Canadian outfit will “accelerate the deployment of RCS-enabled networks, providing consumers with a ubiquitous standards-based messaging and communications platform.”

Remember, RCS is basically the long overdue successor to the antiquated SMS (Short Message Service) standard, aiming to bring advanced support for features like multimedia sharing during voice and video calls, file transfers, audio messaging and presence and service discovery to the “enhanced” phonebooks of every mobile device on earth. So, yeah, maybe it’s not a breakthrough as exciting as tetherless VR headsets, but it’s still something to look forward to, which Samsung predictably wants to help shape up.

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