We have Beyond 0, Beyond 1, Beyond 2… and Beyond X.

Samsung has reportedly been using the first three names to describe varying models of the upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone family coming up next year. More recently though, The Wall Street Journal put out feelers for a special 6.7-inch device with 5G support, six cameras and the highest price tag.

Now, Chinese tech leaks blogger Ice Universe has posted to Twitter that this device does exist and is known around company headquarters as “Beyond X.”

The blogger also mentions that the device would get a time of flight sensor for advanced facial recognition features as enabled by Apple’s comparable TrueDepth camera system. Also, apparently the 5G decal looks nice.

The most limiting stipulation is the word of availability in just South Korea and the United States — both are seemingly poised to be the most developed 5G markets out of the gate with infrastructure being prepared for millimeter wave and sub-6GHz spectrum.

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