Samsung Galaxy Note III front panel

If you’re the sort of smartphone user who’s perfectly happy with a 720p screen, thinks that 1080p is a little bit excessive, and these new quad HD 2560 x 1440 models are nothing short of crazy, you might want to put your head down for a moment and take a time out. That’s because Samsung has been talking about its plans for super-high-res displays at a South Korean conference, and it’s looking to take things past even 2K displays into the untamed wilds of 4K Ultra HD.

First things first: Samsung reportedly confirmed its work towards a phone with a 1440p panel, and a high-contract OLED display at that. Rumors have been back and forth about whether or not the Galaxy S 5 might get such a component, but even if we don’t see it there, the Note 3 could easily introduce it later this year.

Up ’till now, we’ve been talking about 4K UHD in terms of tablets – after all, it makes sense to give a 3480 x 2160 array some space to spread out. But now Samsung is talking about squeezing all that into something phone-sized. Make no mistake, though: we’re probably still a long way off from seeing anything like that become a commercial reality, but sooner or later, you could very well find yourself walking around with a seven-megapixel display in your pocket.

Source: Daum (Google Translate)
Via: Droid-life

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