With under three weeks to go until MWC 2016 kicks off, interest in the show is heating up fast, especially as companies like LG confirm plans to launch long-rumored flagship phones. Beyond LG, we’re also extremely interested in what Samsung’s got coming our way at its Unpacked event, and even if Samsung’s not yet ready to go the LG route and outright tell us what’s on the menu (*cough* GS7 *cough*) there have been more than enough rumors to hold us over. One of those rumors concerned a possible accessory for the Galaxy S7 (and its presumed Gear VR), a dual-lens spherical camera Capablanca of recording 360-degree footage: the so-called Gear 360. And while this guy’s still unofficial, some keywords in an Unpacked web document are now fueling the Gear 360 rumor fire.

In the metadata for Samsung’s Unpacked web page, the company uses the keyword “360 video” multiple times. But is that necessarily a reference to these Gear 360 rumors?

Well, that’s the tricky bit. Samsung’s not mentioning any other products in these keywords, nor even product categories like “smartphone,” and it fails to list the Gear 360 by name. Given the context, it might even make more sense to read “360 video” as Samsung’s intent to stream Unpacked to its Gear VR-using fanbase as a virtual experience.

But all that said – and assuming the keyword might not be a direct reference to the Gear 360 – wouldn’t an Unpacked event that featured a live streaming 360-degree feed be just about the perfect way to introduce the Gear 360? “Hey, thought this streaming experience was cool? Well, how would you like to own one of these 360-degree cameras for yourself?” Maybe it’s a long(er) shot, but knowing that Samsung’s thinking about the intersection between Unpacked and 360-degree video at all has us much more likely to believe these Gear 360 launch rumors.

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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