While waiting for Samsung’s full Q2 2016 financial report to go public, which will probably not include explicit smartphone sales figures or official forecasts anyway, it’s time to take a look at another analyst cume and short-term projection.

According to unnamed inside sources quoted by hit-and-miss Taiwanese publication Digitimes, Galaxy shipments could exceed a colossal 350 million copies for the whole of 2016. How big of a number is that? Well, it would be more than 25 mil up from Samsung’s already remarkable 2015 total.

Meanwhile, Apple merely managed to push around 230M iPhones out the door last year, with quarterly 2016 scores so far and minor 6SE upgrade expectations painting the picture of an inevitable decline. And then you have China’s rising stars, like Huawei, OPPO or Vivo, which may find it impossible to get to 350 million unit sales even all counted together.

But it’s not going to be easy for Samsung to achieve this milestone, following estimated Q1 and Q2 grosses of 82 and 77 million respectively. That brings the H1 tally to “just” 159M, which will have to surge to 191M in H2. Granted, the Galaxy Note 7 is coming, and so are the holidays, but the GS7 might start to lose steam after reportedly selling in 27 million copies through June.

Source: Digitimes

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