Samsung could earn $20 billion from iPhone X OLED screen supply in 2018 alone

Before hitting a major stumbling block with the production of TrueDepth camera systems and various sensors needed to make Face ID recognition on the iPhone X convenient, reliable and secure, Apple reportedly encountered some smaller difficulties getting Samsung to ramp up OLED screen manufacturing.

But Cupertino’s key partner/old nemesis rapidly came through, earning a boatload of money from both its own high-end mobile devices and those of the competition. It’s being widely reported now that Apple is aggressively courting alternative display supply channels to cut its reliance on Samsung for future iPhone generations.

Still, the latest gossip estimates the number of flexible OLED panels the market-leading chaebol is ready to offer its arch-rival next year alone at between 180 and 200 million units.

That would be up from a “measly” 50 mil in 2017, although it’s unclear if we’re talking only about 2018 iPhone X sequels here. Probably not, so LG could still get a piece of that business, as Apple needs Samsung to remain focused on the current version of the “all-screen” iOS handset for the time being.

There’s obviously a very good reason why Samsung Display’s production lines are working smoother than ever, at least according to insiders and analysts, with around $20 billion in revenue set to boost the bank accounts of the world’s largest OLED screen manufacturer in 2018. Yield rates have purportedly improved from just 60 to a remarkable 90 percent in the space of a few months, likely forcing Apple management to tame their egos and maintain existing alliances.

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