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Samsung’s 18.4-inch mega-tablet shows further signs of life

By Stephen Schenck September 15, 2015, 6:38 pm

Apple, Samsung, Lenovo: after Microsoft’s success with the Surface Pro, all of a sudden it feels like everyone’s making a productivity-focused 12-inch tablet to call their own. Not everyone may be content to leave things at that 12-inch space, though, and we’ve also been tracking rumors all summer of a larger-than-life 18.4-inch Samsung model that appeared to be under development. This may even be the seemingly kickstand-equipped tablet we saw Samsung talk about at IFA as the Galaxy View. Today some new evidence for the tablet’s continued path to market emerges.

Some of the first real evidence for this tablet came from the Indian Zauba import database, and while initial entries only mentioned the 18.4-inch screen size, more recent imports identify some model numbers: SM-T670 and SM-T677A. While we’ve heard that first model number mentioned in regards to this tablet before, that was only hearsay, while this is a far stronger connection.

Now both of those models return, this time in the form of a Bluetooth SIG entry. The publication date is this week, and while the listing doesn’t add any new data about these models (nor confirm the 18.4-inch screen size) it’s still a good sign that Samsung’s moving forward on this project. We’ve already seen some high-profile Samsung tablets fizzle out, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this guy up until the point we can actually purchase it.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, Zauba
Via: G for Games

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