Flash storage is cheap, and it’s only getting cheaper; these days you can pick up a 64GB microSD card for $30 or less. Yet despite availability of high-capacity memory chips, smartphones have been on the slow side to adopt higher and higher capacity flash memory – Apple only this past year came out with a 128GB iPhone option. Samsung would like to see more phones get access to huge swaths of local storage, and this week announces a new storage solution aimed at making high-capacity flash chips affordable enough to land in mid-range handsets.

Samsung’s 3-bit NAND-based eMMC 5.0 chips deliver high-performance storage solutions at a cost below flashier eMMC 5.1 or UFS 2.0 options – what that means for you is that these chips could spell the arrival of affordable, non-flagship smartphones that still pack a beefy 128GB of flash storage.

Of course, just because Samsung is making this chip doesn’t mean it will instantly appear in phones, and despite the company’s enthusiasm about what this could mean for affordable handsets, we live in a world where companies still deliver budget-priced phones with 8GB storage (if not *shudder* 4GB), despite 16GB components only costing a few dollars more. Will OEMs be able to convince themselves to stop cutting corners as high-throughput, affordable chips like these new 128GB Samsung ones become available? We’re trying not to be too cynical here, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Source: Samsung
Via: Phandroid

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