Jolla and its alternative mobile Sailfish OS have been finding themselves in the news a lot of sudden, first prompted by news of the company’s split into hardware and software halves. Then just yesterday we caught word of a new Sailfish-powered handset on its way from Indian OEM Intex, set to debut as the first handset running the new Sailfish OS 2.0. Well, today those Intex plans go official, and beyond naming Intex as its first Sailfish OS licensing partner, Jolla’s also giving us another peek at the upgraded Sailfish OS 2.0 itself.

We first got to see Sailfish OS 2.0 when previewing the Jolla Tablet earlier this year, but now it’s finally about time for the software to become available to the public. Sometime in the next few weeks, Jolla phone users who register for the company’s early access program will get first crack at Sailfish OS 2.0 updates. Broader public distribution will follow “quickly after,” and we should see the new OS already present on the Jolla Tablet when that hardware finally ships.

The updated operating system offers a refined user interface that puts a premium on fast, smooth navigation, as well as improved system stability. And for Sailfish users who rely on the platform’s Android compatibility layer, OS 2.0 should beef-up app support.

Before OS 2.0 gets here, Jolla’s also got another fresh Sailfish OS update on the way, hitting early access users this week and coming to everyone else next week.

Source: Jolla

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