Indoor security cameras from Nest or Amazon are pretty great at keeping tabs on your home 24/7 without costing an arm and a leg. But if you also value your safety on the move, it might be wise to support a new crowdfunding campaign by a little company (aptly) called Security in Motion.

Billed as the “first security system designed with true mobility in mind”, the Nomad (or, technically, nōmad) can set up a safe perimeter around you wherever you go. Be it in a hotel room, out in the woods, before and after you board a plane, in an unfamiliar port crawling with potential risks or while grabbing a traditional meal on a tour of exotic cities across the world, this clever little cylinder will watch your back.

The base unit weighs under a pound and is just 5.5 inches long, which extends to a maximum of 8.5 inches when you attach an assortment of PoDs (or pods) to obtain a fully decked-out system.

You get an HD camera, motion sensor, “long-life” battery and 16GB flash storage to begin with, while optional PoDs can add light or vibration detection to the equation, as well as enhanced motion coverage.

One of the coolest things about the Nomad is that it takes its independence very seriously, not relying on external Wi-Fi or wired networks. That’s made possible by built-in LTE connectivity, and you won’t even have to worry about data expenses for your first six months, as long as you don’t go over a complimentary 100MB monthly allowance.

Wherever you choose to set up the self-contained portable security solution, you’ll need mere seconds to activate its surveillance capabilities, which include motion and vibration sensing, as well as suspicious sounds and even smoke and changes in lighting. Oh, and you can use a BagTag to receive alerts when you’re about to lose your luggage.

Alas, November 2018 is the Nomad’s very distant ETA, and only if you help fund the Crowd Supply project in the total amount of $150,000. Base pricing starts at $249 for early bird backers, with a PoD of choice fetching an extra $100. You can also pledge $399 for a Nomad with two PoDs bundled in.

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