Widespread Safari crashes reported on iPhones and Macs, here’s a temporary workaround

This is not a drill, prank or isolated incident. Browsing the web on iOS devices and Mac computers using the default Safari app can result in nagging crashes over and over again. Reopening the browser doesn’t resolve the mysterious underlying glitch, which apparently has something to do with search suggestions.

No, simply changing the search engine can’t fix the epidemic bug either, but the good news is you can contain the malfunction by turning off Safari suggestions. That’s obviously merely a temporary workaround, the only other thing that kind of works is not clearing your cached pages.

Apple is yet to address the predicament publicly, also mentioning nothing of a snag of any sort on its services, stores, and iCloud status portal. As soon as we hear from Cupertino’s PR department, we’ll let you know if it’s safe to receive online suggestions again, but you can probably expect the issue to be sorted out in a matter of hours. These things always are.

Oh, and in case you need one last method to elude the iPhone, iPad and Mac system defect, you can always try browsing the web privately, where search suggestions are deactivated by default. Stay safe and keep your cool, no matter what.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit, 9To5Mac

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