Quad Core Android Comparison: S4 Pro vs. Exynos vs. Tegra 3 (Video)

The latest entrant into the quad core CPU arena for Android is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro. Qualcomm has a fantastic track record of providing fast and power-friendly CPUs all the way back to the ubiquitous single core Snapdragon QSD8250 found in the HTC HD2. Today, the S4 Pro is starting to show up in the market in the LG Optimus G, and is expected to ship in the Nexus 4 and the HTC DLX. But it faces competition. The Nvidia Tegra3 CPU, found in the HTC One X, the Nexus 7, and a handful of other devices, was the first quad core CPU to ship earlier this year. An update to the Tegra3, showing up first in the One X Plus, increases the clock speed of all cores. A bit later in 2012, Samsung upgraded its Exynos CPU to have four cores and shipped it first in the international Galaxy S III. It’s also available in the Note II.

In this video, we put all three of these quad core CPUs up against each other by running some boot-up tests, benchmark, and web browsing speeds tests. Below is the summary of the benchmark results.


Optimus G: 7276
Galaxy S III: 4954
One X: 5202

Smartbench 2012…

Optimus G: 5200, 3200
Galaxy S III: 4800, 1500
One X: 4100, 2600


Optimus G: 12263
Galaxy S III: 1226
One X: 12350

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