S Health review: our fitness adventure with Samsung’s Gear Fit, Galaxy S5, and a kayak (Video)

The desk. The keyboard. The chair.

If you’re a technology blogger in 2014 (or really any kind of white collar employee) these are very likely the tools which dominate your workday. So when a company like Samsung decides to make fitness a priority with its new flagship smartphone, it can be tough to fully evaluate those features unless you get out from behind that desk. Today, that’s just what we’re doing.

While we’ve already given you a glance at Samsung’s S Health suite in our Galaxy S5 review –and the Galaxy S 4 review before that– we’re taking a much closer look in this video. Strapping a Galaxy S5 to our hip and a Gear Fit to our wrist, we strike out on the town in search of the kind of exercise opportunities the average person craves after a restless winter spent cowering indoors. From power-walking across the city to cold-water kayaking, we squeeze as much as we can into the day … and see how well S Health keeps up along the way.

All the heartbeat-sensing, footstep-counting, mallard-fighting action is baked right in to the video below, so click on through and join us for our Samsung S Health review. Then hop on over to our Gear Fit unboxing to see what a real fitness maven thinks of Samsung’s most stylish wearable yet, and stay tuned for much more coverage of all things smartphone – healthy and no.

Samsung S Health Review

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