Caviar calls it the “Tesla.” It, you might be wondering, is an iPhone X encased in black carbon fiber, .999 gold double-trim and a solar panel that charges the specialized battery inside.

This Russian company is in the business of taking existing things and making them fancier. For most consumers,  it got onto a level of impracticality. For the few, it is utility that is also symbolic of the values of innovators and leaders — Caviar emblazoned the likeness of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump onto a Nokia 3310 — they admire.

So, if you’re paying US$4,897 for a 64GB iPhone X or $5,155 for a 256GB variant, you’d hope that all this would come with a personal concierge for support, free delivery… headphones and… well, there’s only a year of limited warranty coverage, but that’s not what you’re paying for.

You pay the money to Caviar for adulation towards Nikola Tesla, towards Steve Jobs and towards, yes, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors for the massive ground they have broken in technology — the latter two marking more territory on green technology.

“Use the technologies of the future for 100% and they will bring more comfort into your life,” reads the product brief, “and, which is quite important, help the world to become eco-friendly.”

And we don’t even know how fast the darn solar panel charges the iPhone.

The source link has all the details.

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