Latest rumor changes iPhone 6c name to iPhone 5e, Apple Pay and A8 chip in tow

Everybody’s got an opinion on Apple’s prospective lower-end, lower-cost metal iPhone due out this spring. The only things tipsters seem to agree on are the premium build (though there’s still time for that to change as well), and compact 4-inch form factor.

The market moniker also appeared etched in stone at one point, but then, 6c turned to 7c and now 5e. That’s certainly random, and it supports the unsubstantiated nature of all this gossip. Gossip, guesswork, call it however you want, the fact of the matter is we know nothing for sure.

Does the iPhone 5e have an odd ring to it? This writer thinks so, regardless of what the “e” stands for. Enhanced, purportedly, but why willfully invoke a device that’s more than two years old? Worse yet, MyDrivers, which has a hit-and-miss record of reporting these types of rumors, claims the “5e” would settle for a passé A8 processor, modest 1GB RAM, and just 16 and 64GB storage options.

All while costing 3,288 yuan, i.e. $500. Five Benjamins for a teeny-tiny phone with 2014 internals, NFC-enabled Apple Pay compatibility, and VoLTE connectivity? Oh, and an 8MP rear-facing camera too? Have you truly learned nothing from iPhone 5c’s missteps, Cupertino? Hopefully, Tim Cook & co. realize such a low-power, extravagant 5e would be a big mistake, and reconsider… if they ever considered it in the first place.

Source: MyDrivers
Via: AppleInsider

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