TrendForce: Apple likely pushing 256GB iPhone 7

If Apple is even considering moving up its iPhone storage baseline from 16GB to 32GB, perhaps it should bump all of its storage options up by a factor of two. The iPad Pro has a 256GB option after all, why not the iPhone?

Well, market researchers at TrendForce think that with another minor iteration for the iPhone this year comes a major memory boost for all models. Specifically, the 5.5-inch model will get 3GB of RAM. The 4.7-inch model will stick with 2GB, but both sizes may see the deprecation of the 64GB ROM option (yep, we said ROM for re-writable memory) with 256GB taking its place.

“[A] steep drop in NAND Flash prices since the second half of 2015 has encouraged smartphone brands to use storage capacity as a selling point for their products,” the TrendForce report stated.

Of course, there’s a possibility here that Apple will actually stick to a two-tiered system — one for the regular iPhone 7 with the usual 16/64/128GB options and a possible Pro track of 32/128/256GB. All the more storage for dual-camera pictures, creative professionals and those who drown themselves in reports and spreadsheets. Gotta pump those margins somehow.

Still, if storage is cheap enough for Apple’s competitors to offer better choices, maybe 256GB will make it to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and maybe the iPhone 7 Pro, too. Maybe. The report said that this potential move is subject to final approval.

Source: TrendForce
Via: iMore

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