Rose Pink Samsung Galaxy S8+ arrives to charm the ladies… of Taiwan only

It’s far from unusual for Samsung to gradually release flagship phones in different colors, and it’s easy to understand why that strategy makes sense. The chaebol doesn’t want its supply chain all clogged up off the bat by rampant demand for a particular Galaxy S8 flavor, and it can also get more public attention if it keeps a couple of cards close to the chest.

Just remember what a life saver was last fall’s blue coral Galaxy S7 Edge, taking a smidge of the sting out of the whole Note 7 debacle. The snazzy, sea-inspired paint job proved so popular that it made the top five at launch for the S8 and S8+, alongside Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver and Maple Gold.

Unfortunately, some countries, including the US, have only seen a few of those hues widely available in stores, which isn’t stopping Samsung from further playing favorites with select Asian markets.

Meet the charming “Rose Pink” Galaxy S8+, priced at the rough equivalent of $925 in Taiwan. Explicitly targeted at the local ladies, the limited edition “Infinity Display” giant may expand internationally before long, like the pink gold S7 and S7 Edge did last year after debuting exclusively in Korea, or… not. The latter was S7’s case in pink pink, and the new guy looks pretty similar in its chic attire and swanky complexion. Still, fingers crossed.

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