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Roborock announces the vacuum-only S4 Max: smarter and more efficient than last time!

By Anton D. Nagy October 9, 2020, 8:00 am
Roborock S4 Max

Having owned two Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners, the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV, it is really easy to get used to the convenience it offers and the value it adds to my life, by saving me precious time. 

Both aforementioned models offer a vacuuming and mopping combination, but now the company is preparing to launch a model for those who are only interested in the vacuuming capability. 

Whether you want to mop up yourself or skip mopping altogether, the key is to have a clean and dust-free surface, whether that’s wooden floor, tiles, or carpets.

Enter the new Roborock S4 Max, the latest addition to the robotic vacuum cleaner line-up, dedicated exclusively to vacuuming. Being a Roborock product, you can expect top-notch performance both when it comes to navigation, vacuuming power, and battery life. 


Equipped with the company’s LIDAR navigation system, it makes sure to get the job done efficiently, with fewer passes and misses. It does so by mapping out your home constantly with the help of laser beams that revolve at 300RPM. This way your rooms are not only accurately mapped and recognized but said maps are constantly updated with every pass.

With a suction power of 2,000Pa, coupled with a floating main brush that adapts its height, and automatic carpet recognition that boosts power accordingly, the S4 Max makes sure that it thoroughly cleans any surface.

Its 5,200mAh battery ensures 150 minutes of operation, which is good for homes roughly 250 square meters large. With a large, 460ml dust bin, you don’t have to constantly empty it after every pass or every room, and thanks to the HEPA E11 filter, which is washable, 95 percent of particles, like pet dander and mold, are being captured.

While the robot does the actual job, it’s the application that lets you truly unleash the capabilities of the S4 Max. Once the first pass is done, and your home is mapped for the first time, you can define your rooms inside the app. 

With automatic room recognition, the S4 Max can identify every room inside your house, allowing you to customize not only the order in which they will be vacuumed but also the suction power, to best suit the floor types you have. Automatic carpet detection ensures proper cleanup by boosting the power when carpets are detected.

Should you have multiple levels in your home, you simply put the S4 Max on the desired level, without the need to manually select the floor inside the application. 

One of the conveniences of having a robotic vacuum cleaner, like the S4 Max, is the ability to set up schedules. For instance, in my particular case, I have it set to vacuum every other day at 8 AM, when I’m at the gym so that by the time I get back home, it has finished vacuuming the entire place.

But you can have an even higher degree of control over scheduling inside the app. For instance, you can set up kitchen and hallway vacuuming every day, and another schedule (like every other day) for the bedroom, or twice a day for the living room.

By defining specific zones, the S4 Max can only vacuum a specific part, or several parts of a room, without going through the entire place. You can see specific usage scenarios in our Roborock S6 MaxV review here.

With the new S4 Max, Roborock has something to offer for everyone. If you only need the convenience of a vacuum, without the need for it to mop up, definitely check out the S4 Max.

It is available starting today, October 9, and goes for $429. If you’re a busy professional or are just tired of walking around and vacuuming yourself, definitely give the S4 Max a shot!

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