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Last night, we caught a tweet from RIM’s Head of Gaming, Anders Jeppsson, mentioning that something wonderful would be available for PlayBook owners today. While there were a number of possible titles thrown around, it started to look likely that the PlayBook would be joining iOS and Android as platforms supported by Rovio’s Angry Birds Space (and beating-out Windows Phone in the process). Sure enough, Angry Birds Space is now out for the PlayBook, but that’s not the end of things; Jeppsson has teased the release of yet another high-profile app on its way to the PlayBook, one that will likely get here early next week.

Just like with Space, we’re assuming, based on Jeppsson’s position with RIM, that we’re talking about another game here. According to him, this release will be “another HUGE one” of similar popularity to Rovio’s title. That’s got us wondering just what might be coming to the PlayBook next week; it will presumably be something that’s well-suited to a tablet-sized screen, and a title’s that’s been available on other platforms long enough (or comes from a developer with enough renown) to develop a following.

Just like yesterday, there are already lots of theories attempting to guess what game this might be. Again, there’s one contender that seems to be generating a lot of buzz; RIM demonstrated the game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on a PlayBook over six months ago, but the title has yet to surface. That might be a big enough title to warrant Jeppsson’s excitement, but much more so than Angry Birds Space, it’s a bit stale. After all, the iOS edition has been out since late 2010. At the least, it would be another small coup, as LCatGoL has yet to be released for Android.

Jeppsson says the app will likely arrive on Monday, though it sounds like there’s a small chance that date may change. Any other guesses at what this title could be?

Source: Anders Jeppsson

Via: BerryReview

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